Business Experience
The people shown on the right are some of the key people who made Nobe Companies successful. We thank them all for being a part of the Nobe Companies.
Corporate Experience

Boeing Aircraft Company;
Worked as a design engineer at the Seattle and Everett plants for SST and 747 APU program from 1967 to 1970.

McDonnell Aircraft Company,
Worked as a lead engineer at the Saint Louis Plant for DC-10, F15, F18, AV-8B, Advanced Design, F-4 aircraft programs and Computer Development group for MCAUTO from 1970 to 1980.

Mitsubishi Aircraft International Company,
Worked as a Staff Engineer at its San Angelo plant for Diamond I and MU-2 aircraft programs from 1980 to 1982.

City of San Angelo,
Worked as a Utility Engineer for the City of San Angelo, San Angelo, Texas, from 1982 to 1983.

NOBE Companies

The history of Nobe companies has provided a strong foundation for Mr. Nobe's entrepreneurship in various business development activities and challenges that he faced in the last twenty three years. The details of each business operation are summarized due to the volume of information.

Nobe Consultants LTD(NCL): a sole proprietary ownership

The company began in April, 1983 at the physical address of 3134 Executive Dr, Ste 120, San Angelo, Texas with a four step growth strategy as a part of a five year business plan. These strategies were: development of financial strengths and strategies, development of management techniques and operations, development of technical excellence along with human resources, and development of marketing strategies and client relationships. The company focused in offering infrastructural design services in the West Texas region from its San Angelo office. This culminated in acceptance into the US Small Business Administration's minority 8(A) program in 1985. The 8(A) program opened the door to a multi-year A/E contract with Goodfellow AFB which allowed growth of the firm to a 14-man A/E(architectural/engineering) firm in San Angelo, TX, in 1989. This afforded the next stepping stone for the incorporation of Nobe & Associates, Inc., in 1989 and allowed a leap into another separate company operation, that of general construction contracting in San Antonio, Texas. During the period of 1989 to 1994, the offices in San Angelo and San Antonio were managed by Toshi Nobe.

Nobe & Associates, Inc.(N&A)
Federal I.D. # 75-2277882, SIC #8711, #8712, #8713, incorporated 4/90

Mr. Nobe incorporated Nobe, Inc., in the State of Texas in April of 1989. The company offered both A/E and construction services in the plan, design, erection, and construction areas of all forms of building improvements and infrastructures in institutional, municipal and commercial markets.

The original concept of creating Nobe & Associates, Inc., was to entice professionals to be recruited for the growth of the company into a full fledged design-build firm. The firm was created to allow each member of the company to train in and cross train within both design and construction and administrative functions, creating a flexible and cross trained staff. The firm was enhanced by individual growth in a number of functional capacities allowing the firm in on more complex and high-end competitive markets. NOBE symbolized Nationwide Offices of Builders and Engineers. Its values and philosophy are outlined in the company handbooks.

The three divisions of the company operated concurrently to fulfill the short range goal of achieving independent services of each group. These were Nobe & Associates - Design(formerly, Nobe Consultants Limited), provided architectural and engineering services in Institutional and Commercial sectors of the construction industry as well as serving in the municipal industry. Nobe Management Services(NMS) provided planning, consulting, and financial management services for the construction and manufacturing industries as a design-build operation. Nobe General Construction(NGC) provided construction of building and improvements of commercial and Institutional facilities.

The A/E operation was absorbed into Nobe & Associates, Inc., allowing stock options to be distributed to its employees and future outside investors. Most of the design activities were conducted in the San Angelo office until 1984 when all the operations were combined in the 6,000 sf building at 410 W. Rhapsody.

The proposal preparation for IDQ(indefinite delivery quantity) projects were targeted for the sustenance of company growth culminating in the success of a number of IDQ projects both in design and construction operations.

Nobe General Construction, Inc.(NGC)
Federal I.D. # 74-2799836, SIC #1542, #1626, #1711, incorporated, 7/96

In 1996, NGC was incorporated in anticipation of a plan of fast paced growth. The company promoted the construction field of operation. The work was almost exclusively hard bid estimate to compete in the construction industry. Mr. Nobe accumulated extensive legal challenges during this phase of corporate experience.

Nobe Foundation/Building Consultants Group, Inc.(NFG)
Federal I.D. # 74-2803933, SIC #8711, incorporated 12/96

Prior to the formulation of NFG, Mr. Nobe worked for Extra Engineers, Inc., as a principal investigator for insurance foundation claims. NFG was incorporated to distinguish the service of engineering and construction serving primarily residential clients. The primary work of the company focused in foundation investigation claims for residential home owners as well as providing foundation remediation work. When the primary customer, Nationwide Insurance company, changed its company direction in claim procedures, the work opportunity ceased.

TN Flooring Company, Inc.(TNF)
Federal I.D. # 74-2835728, SIC #8711, #1752, #5713, incorporated 6/97

TN Flooring Company was incorporated in June of 1997. One of the IDQ contracts from the Brooks Air Force Base was won competitively in open field in 1993 through the Nobe & Associates, Inc., operation. This contract allowed growth in the flooring business and focus in the competitive bids field for commercial and Institutional clients.

The work focused in two types of contracts: hard bids and as well as competing for multi year contracts. Contracts with Texas General office, SAHA and the City of Houston are the results of the multi year contract awards.

Nobe Consulting Engineers was formed under TN Flooring Company, Inc., in 2002. Although the professional services of the forensic engineering field is dramatically different from the flooring service operation, the primarily reason for operating it under TN Flooring Company is to maintain its minority certification status.

Mr. Nobe relies heavily on the relationships he has established through his membership with technical associations and his past connections from work in other operations. Mr. Nobe conducts the investigation, analysis and evaluation. The out sourcing of the work may involve drafting, testing laboratory work and detail analysis(depending on the accuracy of the technique selected). The office has adequate equipment along with ten computer systems with a server to conduct the failure investigations.

Nobe Consultants LTD (NCL)

Ms. Mary Schultz; Secretary @ 3134 Executive Dr, San Angelo, TX (April, 1983)

Mr. Morris Wallace; Technical Designer

Mr. Kyle Smith, P.E.; AIA, Architect/Engineer

Ms. Fay Shovan; Secretary at 224 W. Beauregard, San Angelo, TX (1993)

Nobe & Associates, Inc.(N&A)

Ms. Janice Hawkins; Business Manager @ 410 West Rhapsody, SAT (1996)

Ms. Lynn Graham; Bookkeeper/Secretary

Ms. Elizabeth Freeman; CAD Operator

Mr. Gene Karkal, P.E.; Mechanical Engineer

Mr. Scott Pearson; CAD Operator

Nobe General Construction, Inc.(NGC)

Ms. Linda Light; Secretary @ 642 W. Rhapsody, SAT (1993) Mr. Ken Reed; Superintendent

Ms. Linda Light; at a company picnic (1994)

From right, Mr. Reginald Burk; Foreman; Mr. Ken Reed; Superintendent, Mr. David Abbot; Carpenter, Scott Rowland; Estimator, at a company picnic (1994)

Company Picture in 1994

Mr. Jason Edwards; Project Manager, Ms. Angelica Lopez; Clerical Assistant

From left, Mr. Jason Edwards; Project Manager, Mr. Todd Frischmuth; Project Manager, Bob Miller; Project Manager in 1996

Nobe Foundation/Building Consultants Group, Inc.(NFG)

From left Mr. Toshi Nobe, P.E., Ms. Debra Zepeda; Secretary, Mr. Larry Christian; Bookkeeper, Ms. Linda Stewart; Estimator/Salesperson(TNF), Ms. Janice Hawkins, Mr. Ben Marshall; Civil Engineer/Inspector (1998)

TN Flooring Company, Inc.(TNF)

Mr. Bob Miller; Project Manager

From left, Ms. Debra Zepeda, Ms. Ben Mills; CAD Operator(N&A), Mr. Bob Miller, Mr. Ben Marshall; Project Manager/Estimator, Mr. James Grijalva; Estimator (1997)

Toshi Nobe, P.E.
Principal Forensic Engineer
1919 Budding Blvd.
San Antonio, Texas 78247

PO Box 460008
San Antonio, Texas 78246

Phone: 210.379.7915
Facsimile: 210.490.9870