We offer building construction investigatory consulting services to individuals and businesses. We believe that a unique solution to every problem is found through a combination of creative use of broad technical experience and a diversity of business backgrounds. We will set ourselves apart through our diligence, value system, and responsiveness to our clients.
Company values:


  • We do not prejudge another person' qualities or intentions.
  • We recognize each individual's human dignity and value.
  • We respect confidence of experience.
Integrity and trust
  • We act and speak ethically.
  • We keep commitments.
  • We are accountable to our own actions and expect accountability from others.
  • Performance deficiency is not tolerated; each investigation will be complete.
  • Nobe Consulting and Forensic Engineers is an advocate for finding the facts based on rational deduction methods and reliance on the standards accepted by the public at large.
  • Pro bono work is a major part of the business plan.