Multiple Discipline Experience
The photographs on the right represent some of the projects completed by Nobe Companies.

Toshi Nobe, P.E. has accumulated over thirty-five years in the interdisciplinary fields of engineering in the construction and aerospace industries. As a senior forensic engineer, Mr. Nobe possesses the knowledge and skills to differentiate between the legal issues and the engineer's statement of the problem based on hands on experience as shown in this web page.


For his first fifteen years, the details of design and analysis experience in high technology aircraft industry have prepared Mr. Nobe to evaluate problems in a logical sequence as follows: a) Defining the problem(developing a problem statement, determining the goal, developing a goal measure statement), b) Analyzing the problem(collecting the data, analyzing the data, determining the cause of the problem), c) Generating solutions to the problem, d) Evaluating the solutions, e) Deciding on the "best" solution, f) Developing a plan for implementing a solution, g) Developing a plan to measure the success of the solution and resolving the problem, h) Implementing the plan and I) Evaluating the success of the solution. Learning the quality circle of a problem as listed above was a major step in understanding the process of solving problems in the design engineering profession.

As a drafter of airframe structures and conducting stress analysis of the structural members as the main part of his work focus, Mr. Nobe followed the process of the fabrication of aircraft parts in association of the CAD/CAM manufacturing automation process. Mr. Nobe has compiled broad commercial and military aircraft design experience at Boeing and McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Companies. This includes the process of designing from the conception of vehicle design, testing the aircraft, production aircraft design, and maintenance support for America's SST, 747, DC-10, F-18, and AV-8B aircraft programs. Mr. Nobe, as a member of Hypersonic aircraft program, prepared design proposals and won contracts to study the hypersonic vehicles. Mr. Nobe also developed a patentable variable leading edge design for the advance aircraft fighter.

In addition, Mr. Nobe was a part of the aircraft certification process team for a new general aviation aircraft, Diamond 1, including the testing and certifying of new seating arrangements for crash worthiness certification at Mitsubishi International Aircraft. The work included the technical writing of analytical reports, and documentation of test results during the certification process.


In 1982, Mr. Nobe joined the City of San Angelo as a Utility Engineer, designing sewer outfall for the western part of the City and supporting a number of the City's Public Works projects.

In April of 1983, Mr. Nobe opened Nobe Consultants LTD, a proprietary company offering infrastructural design services to land developers, small rural cities, and West Texas counties.

The following represents a typical sampling of projects that were successfully completed during the period of 1983 to 1989.

Public Works:
Design & Planning:

  • Land Development: designed infrastructure for a number of land development projects:The Woodlands in Burnet, TX, Deer Valley Park, Southland Hills in San. Angelo, the largest being the 420 acre Twin Oaks residential development. Designing the land development for the retirement center for the Baptist Memorial Center in Burnet, Texas, and San Angelo, TX.
  • Street: municipal street reconstruction for the cities of Marfa, Menard, & Goodfellow AFB and other city streets in RidgeMar Heights, Stribling Acres, and Dove Creek subdivision.
  • Water: designed new and existing municipal facility for the cities of Menard, Presidio County, Sutton County, Tom Green County and other cities.
  • Sewer: designed new and existing municipal facilities for a number of West Texas cities.
  • Land Fill: designed new and existing facilities for Concho County.
  • Environmental Assessment: conducted assessment for a number of West Texas cities.
  • UST: designed new and existing facilities for the city of San Antonio and commercial entities.
  • Planning: Conducted long range planning for the cities of Menard, Melvin, and Concho County and Grandfalls.
  • Municipal Grant Application: Applied and received TDHCA CDBG grants for a number of cities in the Council of Governments.
Building Design:
  • Goodfellow Airforce Base: multi year A/E contract, acted as an architect/engineer designing new, and remodeling the existing facilities.
  • INS(Immigration and Naturalization Service): remodeled the existing building
  • IRS(Internal Revenue Service): acted as an architect designing Addition to Child Care Center in Austin, TX.
  • Department of Agriculture: multi year A/E contract, acted as an architect remodeling the existing buildings.
  • MHMR(Mental Health and Mental Retardation): designed a cold storage facility and remodeled the steam system at the Carlsbad facility.


In 1989, Nobe & Associates, Inc., "C" corporation, was incorporated in the State of Texas. The following represents typical projects that were successfully completed during the period of 1989 to 1996. Mr. Nobe was the chief design engineer performing architectural, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical design. Specific engineering fields that Mr. Nobe conducted were in the civil, structural, and mechanical engineering areas.

Representative Projects:

  • Upgrade Heating, Cooling & Electric System Bldg 935 for National Air Guard at Kelly AFB.
  • Chiller Repair and Modification VAMC - Kerrville, TX.
  • Document Electrical Distribution System, Ethicon, Inc, San Angelo, TX.
  • Built-up roof replacement Foam Roof Replacement in Mission, TX.
  • Installation of Aviation fuel Dispenser.
  • Addition to Child Care Center, IRS Service Center.
  • Design Youth Center, Goodfellow Air Force Base, TX.
  • Explosion Proof Silicon Mixing Room.
  • Various Architectural project implementing ADA requirement.
  • Install NCO Club HVAC.
  • Designed a complete Andover DDC system VAMC, Kerrville, TX.
  • Primary and Secondary electrical system study for Ethicon, Inc., San Angelo, TX.
  • Primary Power System, study for the Goodfellow AFB, San Angelo, TX.
  • Energy Conservation Study for Wall ISD, Wall, TX.
  • City of San Antonio: remodeled the refueling facility and redesigned the sprinkler system for the International Airport at Terminal II.


In 1996, Nobe General Construction, Inc., was incorporated in the State of Texas to anticipate the growth of the company in the general contracting service arena in conjunction with Nobe & Associates, Inc. The following projects represent typical construction work that was successfully completed during the period of 1989 to 1998.

Representative Projects:

  • Sewer replacement at Lackland AFB.
  • Renovation of Kitchen Facility at Wilford Medical Center.
  • Building of Restroom Facility at Lackland.
  • Number of remodeling jobs for San Antonio Housing Authority(SAHA).
  • Won multi year IDQ flooring job with Brooks AFB.
  • Design Build of the Dog Kennel for Lackland AFB.
  • Remodeled the Hanger for Randolph AFB.
  • Building two ground up facilities for MHMR in San Antonio, TX.
  • Building a ground up Family Housing Maintenance facility in Wichita Falls, Sheppard AFB.
  • IDQ contract for OC Fisher Lake for COE, in San Angelo, TX.
  • Remodeling residential homes for Veteran Administration in San Antonio, Tx.


In 1997, Nobe Foundation/Building Consultants Group, Inc., was formed to offer services to insurance property claims. The following represents the type of work that was successfully completed during the period of 1997 to 1999:

  • Nationwide Insurance: residential foundation claim investigations, drainage claim. investigations, structural failure claim investigations, fire claim investigation.
  • USAA Insurance: residential foundation claim investigations.
  • Trinity Insurance: residential foundation claim investigations.


In 1996, TN Flooring Company, Inc., was incorporated in the State of Texas to specialize in the subcontracting work of installing floor finishes of carpet, vinyl, VCT, ceramic tile, wood, and terrazzo floors. The following projects represent typical work done by the company during the period of 1983 to 2002:

The firm is certified as a minority firm through the State of Texas and SCTRCA (South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency). The firm ceased operation as an installation company in 2003 and now offers forensic engineering services. Nobe Consulting Engineers operated under the auspices of TN Flooring Company, Inc.

Representative Projects:

  • HASA(Housing Authority of San Antonio); Ceramic Tile(HASA0010-04); $4,500.
  • Woodhill Apartment II; Carpet Installation(HASA-9811-02); $100,000.
  • La Porte Elementary & Jr. High School; VCT, Carpet & Ceramic Tile, Purcell GC; $466,000.
  • Albertson's Store in Edenburg, Tx; Ceramic Tile and VCT floor-Ewing Construction Co.; $80,000.
  • HEB Store in Uvalde, TX; ceramic tile-Joeris, Inc.; $22,000.
  • Sun City Fire/EMS, Georgetown, TX; ceramic tile-Medlin Construction; $17,000.
  • CarMax, San Antonio, TX; carpet, VCT, Sheet vinyl-Williams Company; $49,000.
  • Sheraton Hotel, Houston, TX; carpet and VCT-Lyda, Inc.,; $124,000.
  • City of Houston, IDQ Carpet (C50378)(1998-2006).
  • Texas General Services Commission, Carpet(Contract 360-A1); $127,000.

Early Years In Aircraft Industry

Diamond I Aircraft, 1982

Side Shoulder Harness Testing Rig

Storage Baggage Testing Rig

Public Works:
Design & Planning

Deer Valley Water System, San Angelo, TX (1984)

Twin Oaks Drainage Channel, San Angelo, TX (1985)

Culvert Bridge, San Angelo, TX (1986)

Street Design, City of Marfa, TX (1986)

Water Storage Tank: City of Menard, TX (1987)

Pump Station: City of Menard, TX (1985)

Water Distribution: Tom Green County (1987)

Water Line Installation: Tom Green County (1987)

Public Works:
Building Design

Youth Center Finish Schedule: Goodfellow AFB, TX (1988)

Youth Center: Goodfellow AFB, TX (1991)

Building Design Engineer

Air Handling Unit, Bldg 935, National Air Guard, Kelly AFB, TX ( 1997)

Multi Stage Water Heaters, Bldg 935, National Air Guard, Kelly AFB, TX ( 1997)

Sprinkler System Modification: San Antonio Terminal II, TX (1994)

Built-up Roof Replacement: Mission TX (1993)

General Contractor

Loading Dock: Brooks AFB, TX (1990): The First General Contracting job won at low bid $ 15,400

Renovation of Dining Room: Wilford Hall Medical Center, TX (1993)

Photo gen cont0003: Restroom Facility, Lackland AFB, TX (1993)

Veramendi Apartment, SAHA, San Antonio (1994)

Child Care Center Complex, MHMR, Converse, TX (1996)

Child Care Center Bldg, Converse, TX (1996)

Youth Facility, MHMR, San Angelo, TX (1997)

Housing Maintenance Facility, Sheppard AFB, TX (1998)

Dog Kennel: Design-Build, Lackland AFB, TX (1995)

B-25 Pedestal: Design-Build: Goodfellow AFB, TX (1995)

Movable Storage Units: Design-Build, San Angelo, TX (1985)

Flooring Subcontractor

Company Display: San Antonio, TX (1998)

HEB Store: Uvalde, TX (1998)

Youth Center: Brooks AFB, TX (1995)

Pershing Elementary School: San Antonio, TX (2001)

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